Sustainable wood-concrete composite solutions

The research is based on the development of an innovative wood-concrete composite structural solution for curved structures, abandoning traditional reinforcement in the concrete layer in favour of dispersed reinforcement and offering effective non-destructive methods for quality control of wood-concrete. A new technology for the production of wood-concrete composite with a rigid connection between the layers is proposed. A tool for the determination of rational parameters of wood-concrete composite for medium and large span slabs in residential and office buildings is developed, which could be applied at the initial design stage. Research is being carried out on the effect of fibres on the behaviour of concrete and on the behaviour of wood-concrete composites. The influence of defects in the bond between the material layers on the behaviour of the wood-concrete composite in the bend is investigated. The effectiveness of various non-destructive testing methods in controlling the quality of the wood-concrete joints is investigated.

EQUIPMENT: Form+test hydraulic press, CONTROLS hydraulic loading machine (Cat. C55G2), Dytran Instruments, Inc. Sensors 3312A2T and 3100D24, Data Translation DT9857E, experimental ultrasonic apparatus developed at Riga Technical University.

SOFTWARE: Analytica FEM Structural Analyis software developed at RTU Department of Structural Mechanics, QuickDAQ software, tool for determination of rational parameters of wood-concrete composite developed in PHP environment, software for processing of ultrasonic measurements developed at Riga Technical University.

OMA – Operational Modal Analysis method for composite testing

Composite testing in a three point bend

Composite testing with ultrasound

Projects implemented:

  1. LZP project Nr.lzp-2020/1-0240 “Koaksiālo paātrinājumu korelācijas metode 6-D telpā būvkonstrukciju savienojumu kvalitātes novērtēšanai”.
  2. ERAF project Nr. “Jauna koncepcija ilgtspējīgas, zema energopatēriņa ēku būvniecībai”.